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Wot amx 13 75 matchmaking Are you here: I like my 13 75, even it goes to high tier matches. Even better, get up the ass of the and lay shots smx him, as wot amx 13 75 matchmaking he trys to shoot you he’s putting himself wot amx 13 75 matchmaking at risk to the rest of your team: Its a great tank and I don’t think its OP. And passive scouting on himmel, abbey, airfield etc? The passive scouting on the tank isn’t bad, but your firepower is almost nil. Low penetration for its tier, but still passable. A partner, get the latest games at the best prices!


The Mk F3 is the smallest and lightest mm motorized gun carriage ever produced. Due to its size and low cost, it has found considerable success in the export market. Constructed on a modified AMX light tank chassis, the Mk F3 is novel, incorporating room inside for only two of the eight required crewmen the others riding in support vehicles. This allowed the mm gun to be placed on a smaller and more mobile chassis than that employed by other armies, but also exposed the crew members to arms fire and splinters.

The result of these efforts was the Mk. F3 that entered production in the early s.

AMX 13 90 “Razer-Style” (remodel) – T71 CMCD chassis – duckbills tracks. installation path: copy “” file from Zip to current game version folder.

The model is from Skytrex. The fine model is from Masters of Military. Used by the French Gendarmerie, many foreign customers. It is a good model, but a GHQ version would be better. Not a good model at all. Several models by UK manufacturers, don’t know which. This is the very good GHQ version, with far more detail. Engineering Vehicles An interesting model from Scotia that would be much better with more detailed running gear.

This guy required a great deal of trimming to make presentable, but is overall a decent model. Leguan Bridging Truck Well, much of one.

World of tanks amx 13 90 matchmaking

Same here, i will insta buy it if they release it as prem tank. SpaceCadet29 on November 2, at 3: Either way, this one looks interesting. Meneldil on November 2, at 3:

This tank and the amx 13 57 GF were two high tier light premiums both now are just Overpowered status, dare I say. Both were my most used premiums pre-patch now I actually feel dirty playing em. The absolute filth you can dispense on people in those tanks is wrong at times.

Where other designs from the late s are long obsolete, the AMX continues to serve with distinction. Designed in the late s, it represents a radical departure from wartime designs. When France fell to the German invasion in , its armored vehicles were perhaps not the best in the world, but modern designs such as the Somua S35 were quite advanced. Unfortunately these vehicles were never deployed in very large numbers and were only entering service in Instead, it was the older designs like the Char B1, French Renault and Hotchkiss light tanks, and even the venerable FT that bore the brunt of the attack.

After the war, France quickly learned that the armored vehicles of were far beyond anything the French military had in and even the most advanced pre-war French designs were now hopelessly obsolete. The initial attempts to restart armor production using the pre-war and limited wartime experience resulted in the creation of the ARL Heavy Tank.

Slow and unwieldy, the ARL was obsolete even before the first prototype was built. Another design heavily influenced by the examination of German late war tanks left in France was the AMX Heavy Tank, but this tank already featured one element that would become the hallmark of early post-war French designs, the oscillating turret. These heavy monsters however represented the swan song of the western Heavy Tank design.

By the late s, the French still clung to their colonial dominion in Indochina and light air-transportable vehicles were essential for the creation of rapid deployment forces that could be moved abroad within relatively short amount of time and the AMX was designed for that very purpose.


I’m currently on AMX 12 t and it’s advancing slowly. I really don’t like this tank. Big, poor armor, terrible angles, poor acceleration, poor aim, six weak rounds in autoloader a significant step back from the slow but mighty ELC gun, and matchmaking throwing me against Tier X opponents which can bounce my direct hit down the driver’s viewport or one-shot me with splash damage. I got it fully upgraded, except for the radio.

T8: ELC EVEN 90, AMX Chasseur de chars, Somua SM, FCM 50 t, M4A1 Revalorisé, Lorraine 40 t, AMX M4 49 Liberté T9: AMX 30 1er prototype, AMX M4 mle 51 T AMX 13 , AMX 50 B, AMX 50 Foch (), Bat.-Chatillon 25t, AMX 50 Foch B.

Light tank — built An oscillating turret success France tried, after the war, to integrate the lessons learned in a new tank doctrine integrating new models, which emphasized firepower and mobility. At the same prewar tactics regarding well-armed fighting reconnaissance armored cars, which could act as anti-tank units as well were also utilized. The German adaptation of high velocity AT guns on various light chassis also indicated some pathways for French engineers to work with.

The French Army fully exploited the new promising oscillating turret concept to fit this doctrine. The oscillating turret was basically a way to integrate a larger gun in a smaller turret, allowed by the use of an autoloader, while the lower part of the turret was conventional and still fully traversed. In a conventional turret, the gun was elevated and depressed independently inside, the turret providing only traverse.

The advantages of such a system were to provide a much smaller -thus lighter- kind of turret, which could mount a bigger gun compared to the size of the chassis, just like tanks-hunters. The French army designed a whole array of experimental and semi-experimental heavy tanks equipped with heavy guns using oscillating turrets, namely the AMX , Somua SM and Lorraine 40t. The AMX was probably the best known vehicle mounting such a turret, as it was also the most used worldwide, still used by some armies today.

It remains the most produced tank by any country in western Europe and by far the biggest French tank production of any time. At the same time, it showed the limits of the concept, hard to fit in any conventional tactical structure, not to mention NATO. Development The development of a new light tank suited for reconnaissance and flanking protection was stated by the French tank doctrine of the time.

In Development: AMX-13

In addition, the AMX hull was used with other turrets in limited numbers. It was a very unique vehicle and a very popular export vehicle for the French arms industry. It was the first tank of many to use an automatic loader for the main gun. Part 2, the upper hull osculates on a central point large pin one either side attached to part 1 as marked as a red cirle in the picture. The main gun is fixed to Part 2 and relys on the osculating of Part 2 to elevate and depress it. Picture belows shows Part 2 osculated and the main gun elevated.

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Since in addition to being very light, the tank was also very short half a meter shorter than the AMX , the driver used a reclined position and the gunner had to have his body halfway inside the hull, making turret traverse limited: The prototype is preserved at the Museum of Armour in Saumur. These prototypes featured a oscillating turret with a cupola for the gunner located along the turret centerline. The turret itself was offset to the left in order to make room for a driver’s compartment in the hull.

Interestingly, these weapons were to be reloaded by the driver either by rotating the turret so that the driver could open his hatch and insert new projectiles without leaving his seat, or by having the driver climb out and reload the weapons from a standing position next to the tank. It was also suggested that the rear ends of the mm weapons’ barrels be cut so that the rear sections could be rotated into the turret, allowing the gunner to reload the weapons without opening his hatch.

Another version of the tank featuring two mm weapons, each with a five-round revolver-type autoloader , was suggested but not constructed. A prototype featuring a combination of these weapons two SS on the right side of the turret and one SS on the left was built. Archived from the original on June 10, Archived from the original on

AMX-13 – Possibly Upcoming Armor Changes

World of tanks amx 13 90 matchmaking I’m about 25k exp away from 13 90 and I’m having hard time resisting myself not to freexp amc of the way. SlipperyBat, on 03 September – PM, said: Med school online dating guy hit the lottery. If you solo above, a world of tanks amx 13 90 matchmaking 10 heavy tank elements points, whereas a print matchmaklng tank si only 2. Tout selection for no battles is done speed dating events in maryland to several elements.

Transferring requires you to train the crew for the new tank, what costs you gold for keeping % per person, 20 credits for 75%, 60% for free and in case of the same tank type (like heavy tank, light tank) gold for %, 20 for 90%, 80% for free.

Does this tank get tier 8 matches? I don’t really expect it to because it’s a scout I just got it today and have been playing East server. Maybe it’s just a bad time to play it or I’ve been getting unlucky. Awesome tank by the way! I’ve heard that it plays just like the Bat-chat 25 t and so far I think it’s a lot of fun.

You can PM with with questions, if you wish.

Lorraine vs amx 13 90 match making?

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AMX Family AMX 75/90/ and SS ATGM. In Detail Nr. G + Actions Stash. The AMX Light Tank, Volume 1: Chassis. Peter Lau + Actions Stash. AMX Light Tank, Volume 2: Turret.

January 21, at That thing is worse than the Panther Who would honestly buy that over the P The P88 has a better gun. It would get murdered in tier 10 games. I dont care if its cheap if it does bad in tier 10 games not worth it. Rather get the FCM 50t. Madner Kami on said: In case you missed it, they are about to phase out all MM-limited vehicles for some reason.

Spirit of Taj Mahal on January 21, at IS-6, 50t come to mind first. I think E had that as a secondary reason for removal as well.

Matchmaking for AMX 13 90

One of the most important decisions in World of Tanks that will partly determine whether or not you enjoy the game is which tank line you progress down. Each line has its own ups and down in terms of the grinding difficulty and specific traits for each tank. It is important to figure out how you enjoy playing World of Tanks before attempting to go to tier 10 due to the time or cash commitment required from tier This World of Tanks which tank line guide will help you figure out which tanks fit your personal tastes.

It saves you the trouble of going down a tank line not suited for you.

The ELC AMX gets scout matchmaking, so even though it is a tier 5 tank it sees tier battles. 25 comments on “ Guide to the ELC AMX in World of Tanks ” Rellyk says: I face a long grind: 12t → 13 75 → 13 90 → Lorr 40t → BatChat.

Its main purpose is to find and exploit weaknesses in the enemy’s defense. The AMX relies on speed and maneuverability to survive as its armor and health values are the lowest of Light Tanks within its Tier. Its armament is superior to comparable Light Tanks and can pose a real threat even to higher-tiered heavy tanks. The AMX has a 6-shot drum-autoloader which enables it to fire 6 shells in rapid succession before it needs to reload.

It can be reloaded prematurely by pressing the C key. The AMX has very poor gun depression and elevation, which can easily be exploited by enemies. The AMX’s role on the battlefield is defined dynamically. Usually the AMX fulfills a supporting role rather than spearheading or scouting. It lacks the durability to fight heavier enemies head on. Roles on the Battlefield Edit The following is a list of typical roles for the AMX which are often expected by team players: Helping allies in need by outflanking enemy tanks and attacking from a different angle, thus trapping the enemy in a pincer situation.

Update 2.9 – +/- 1 Matchmaking Implementation

World of tanks amx 13 90 matchmaking I’m about 25k exp away from 13 90 and I’m having hard time resisting myself not to freexp rest of the way. Alors le 13 90 j’imagine pas Quand on sait pas, on se tait. Their small size, decent maneuverability and speed, solid camouflage values, plus their autoloader guns pretty much defined their role in Random Battles. Quelle bonne surprise pour ma 1er partie avec: Il se manoeuvre mieux que le et pourtant je n’ai que le 1er pack.

amxは、フランス軍では年代末からerc 90とamxrcの2種類の装輪式戦闘偵察車に更新されて退役したが、現在でも一部の国で改良の上、使用されている。.

Edit AMX The tank was designed at the Atelier de Construction d’Issy-les-Moulineaux in to meet a requirement for an air-portable vehicle to support paratroopers, the first prototype ran from The compact chassis had torsion bar suspension with five road-wheels and two return rollers; the engine runs the length of the tank on the right side with the driver on the left. It features an uncommon two-part ‘oscillating’ turret where the gun is fixed to the turret and the entire upper turret changes elevation.

The turret is set to the rear of the vehicle and holds the commander and gunner. The twelve rounds available in the loaders meant that the crew could engage targets quickly, however once those rounds were expended the vehicle had to retreat to cover and the crew reload them form outside the vehicle. By the early s export models were available with an even more potent mm gun. Although there were many variants on the turret the basic chassis was almost unchanged until when changes including a new diesel engine, fully automatic transmission and new hydropneumatic suspension were introduced.

Production halted with the Model

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