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I will only make a review as a person who saw these two characters Aimee and Ollie as Ella and Julian. I saw how viva promoted the love team and the movie. I was there on one of their mall tours as a paparazzi photographer and for that my review will be quite about them as the same as the film. The film The film had some nice compositions and cinematic feel. I love the restaurant scene as they say “anneyong sayo” in korean as they have their first date. Those shots were nice.

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Steven Kendall Steven is a writer currently living in Asia. As a result, he hates all things LEFT. Follow his politically incorrect musings at guyshit. Consider for a moment that pussy is a tradable good in the sexual marketplace, and that its quarterly performance, whether good or bad, has measurable impact on the majority of men. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, this majority does not include you.

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You know what they say, once you entered the world of K-Pop, you can never go out. Before, i used to hide my craziness with the Korean culture as people might find it weird or silly. Unfortunately, also showed me the other side of K-Pop. Are you ready to enter the DARK side? February 11 this year, a transgender woman posted a controversial status on her Facebook. Although the allegations were revealed to be all lies by the transgender herself, the damage has been done. Here is CL in all her glory performing the edited version of the song.

She went to London to study language and acting classes.

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Ito talaga yung pinakamaganda at kauna-unahang tagalog story na super di ko tinantanan at never ko tinanggal sa lib ko kahit natapos ko na yung season 1 and 2 na nabasa ko sa wattpad, so far, ito yung the best. Sinubukan kong magbasa ng mga hindi pa tapos or yung mga oh-hold, pero nakakainis yung iba kasi antagal mag-update, so start nun, di mo na talaga ako mapapabasa ng on-hold kasi nabibitin ako.

Maxinejiji Hindi ganun ka interesting ang title, pero hindi ko din alam kong bakit inadd ko sa lib ko, hindi pa ganun karami yung readers at followers nya nung mga panahong iyon pero syempre may fb pages na din. On-going watty story na pinagtyagaan kong hintayin ang bawat update. Grabe, isa talaga to sa mga hindi ko tinulugang story,dito rin nagbago ulit ang pananaw ko sa pagbabasa ng mga tagalog story sa watty.

Ibang iba sa usual story na mala fairy tale at super duper napakapredictable at halos pare-pareho ang plot at kung saan umuiikot ang story at OA na, pero ito, kakaiba!

Pure Love aka the Philippine remake of the Korean drama 49 Days aired its final episode last Friday and whaddayaknow, the production team made a major plot twist that is different from the original. A lot different that it’s worth blogging about. The girl who went through the day journey lived!

So you stopped a hobby that you enjoyed because of peer pressure. Oh, right and the rest of the article too. But I just really like Jaehyo. Hired to help sing the occasional ballad onstage and to look pretty. I do not understand the context. My parents are Nigerian. If someone said to me that they liked African girls, I would say that is pretty vague. I would understand that you liked girls from Asia, but you could mean Russian girls for all I know. I will personally take the time to address any of your issues.

This is my opinion from my experience. That is unfortunate, but I had an opinion and I expressed it with evidence and rationale. Zephyro The point is: If someone misunderstands, I could explain.

Why aren’t Kpop stars not allowed to date?

I do love my fair share of romantic dramedies and lawyer shows, but these are three hilarious recent Korean shows that take no learning curve to enjoy, beyond being willing to read subtitles. History of a Salaryman does involve a murder — and Marriage Not Dating touches upon what it really means to love someone and the show includes those that will just not let one-sided affection go — and cheating.

But hey, even The Simpsons has had Ned Flanders widowed twice.

I was a jock in high school. I was 6 foot 3 inches. I could have let it all get into my headI played football, basketball, baseball, and I swam.

Completely biased reviews and fangirling Loving: Gong Yoo by kfangurl Comments Come squee with me! I hereby bring you: In each K-Love Confession, I will focus on one of my K-loves — I have several big ones, and quite a few medium-sized ones — and there will be extended fangirling and spazzing. So where shall we begin? So of course, he had to be my first featured K-love. To be honest, this shirtless scene did nothing for me, though I did think it was played out nicely and very funny.

Fun, but not quite drool-worthy.

Seohyun dating?!?!?!

Galau, Uang, dan Internet. Ketiganya itu komponen yang ga bisa dipisahin. Kalo lo cowok, berarti lo disebut Fanboy. Tapi kalo lo cewek ke-cowok-cowok-an atau cowok ke-cewek-cewek-an gue ga tau lo disebut apa. Bias Bias itu member pilihan lo atau artis yang paling lo sukain.

Author: kfangurl Proud to be a k-fangirl since Main diet of kdramas with movies and kpop on the side.

Shi-jin would love nothing more than to help her with that, but he finds himself facing unexpected challenges which could threaten his commitment to his career. They both have a lot to worry about, not least of which is their growing attraction, and what to do about it. Shi-jin backs up, looking a little flustered himself. He leans in to kiss her again, but this time Mo-yeon turns her head away.

He steps back and Mo-yeon mutters a quick goodnight, and retreats to her tent, taking the wine bottle with her. The UN nurse, Ye-hwa, wakes that night to find her husband Daniel, back from some mysterious errand in Libya. Chi-hoon calls Mo-yeon with the news that the little boy with lead poisoning has left the hospital. He did leave behind a drawing which sort of looks like a map, which Chi-hoon assumes means he went home.

But Shi-jin is here already, and of course that kiss is all Mo-yeon can think about. They find the boy on the road to the village, and Mo-yeon takes some medicine for him to his mother. Shi-jin and Mo-yeon stop at the bar to eat, and the scantily-clad waitress flirts shamelessly while Shi-jin valiantly avoids looking at the cleavage right in his face. HAHA, his relieved slump when she finally leaves is hilarious.

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June 19, at 5: Im reposting this from the PUA thread, because I feel as though it is pertinent here as well: On the flip side, the whole reason why we are in this whole mess is, like mentioned above, it is a zero-sum game, that is fought via power and social status. The whole reason we are dealing with this is because America holds all the power. The truth is that Asian fetish is simply one more manifestation of a product that Western men and thus Western society want and acquire through their inordinate amount of power and standing in a geopolitical scale.

Kpop groups had a great impact worldwide. Super fans, also known as fangirls, devoted themselves to their idols. Whether it is purchasing new albums or attending their next concert, fangirls make it as their mission to show their support and love to their idols.

Slash fiction Within shipping, same-sex pairings are popular; they are sometimes known as ” slash and femslash “. A person who supports same-sex pairings and reads or writes slash fiction may be referred to as a “slasher”. The term “slash” predates the use of “shipping” by at least some 20 years. Parallel to this development, the term “slash” was also being used in some fandoms to denote fan fiction or other fan works depicting sexual acts with an implied rating of NC , whether homosexual or heterosexual.

This caused the term to spread to heterosexual ships. Polyamory [ edit ] Love triangles are commonly used as a plot device to cause conflict in the story. The easy way around this is to pair all three together, or one member with both potential romantic partners. This is not to be confused with a harem , which is usually just a single character being sought out by many others. Situations such as that may be the one to cause a polyamory relationship.

Polyamory is not always caused by love triangles, but those that don’t tend to be less accepted by the fandom. Interspecies [ edit ] Interspecies, which is usually displayed in fandoms of media consisting of animals of various species, is usually not controversial until a human is paired with a non-humanoid, sapient character. It is especially controversial when between a human and an animal or furry. Some consider such pairings bestiality.

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I feel constant crushing shame and I don’t even know why Anonymous No. We’ve been together for two years, and although our countries are like 10k miles apart we’ve managed to be physically together for almost all of our relationship. When I last flew home in March we missed each other so much I flew back after three weeks, but that isn’t an option this time.

SEVENTEEN’s Dating Advice to their Sons {Requested} “SEVENTEEN giving their sons advice on how to get girls (lol xD)” Here you go @iheart-e-x-o!:) S. Coups: “Make sure you’re nice to her one day then.

Alguns provavelmente investiram muito dinheiro mesmo. Leia a resenha completa aqui. Fui pouco a pouco sendo cativada e quando vi estava apaixonada demais pelo roteiro e pelos personagens de personalidade forte. Como eu amei cada detalhe! Esses dois juntos formaram um casal que shippei demais, torci, surtei e amei. Devido a isso, achei que o final foi muito corrido e faltaram alguma coisas, sabe?!

Mas mesmo assim, achei um final decente e emocionante. Pois bem, estou aqui confirmando que: Os protagonistas precisam desse amor. Eu amei muito Cheese, muito mesmo! Kang Chul tem muitos conflitos a serem resolvidos. Eles formaram um dos melhores casais do ano. Como citei na resenha, W deixou algumas pontas soltas, algumas que me incomodaram demais.

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Lucy Infinite 19 Komentar Di postingan kali ini gw mau curhat tentang awal kenal Infinite. Sebenarnya gw udah tau tentang boyband bernama Infinite ini. Tapi karena waktu itu masih rookie makanya gw ga terlalu peduli. Gue pikir itu editan karena mereka nari dengan gerakan slow motion, eh pas gw liat performnya ternyata itu asli udaa mule tertarik.

Dan gw juga demen ama L, habis menurut gw dia paling cute walopun di MV-nya dia babak belur ama Woohyun. Gara-gara MV paradise itu gw tertarik sama Sungjong dia manly banged.

Come squee with me! 😀 This post kicks off a new series on the blog. I hereby bring you: K-Love Confessions! As you can see from the tagline up top, this blog is for reviews and fangirling, and while I’ve been busily posting reviews, the fangirling’s been limited to the context of the reviews.

Mengingat harga komik sudah diluar kewajaran tapi tetep dibeli , maka baca komik yang ditawarkan secara gratis oleh Webtoon ini jadi hiburan buat para komik-lovers ngarang. Itulah pertama kalinya saya baca Noblesse, sebuah Manhwa sebutan untuk komik Korea yang bercerita tentang vampir. Awalnya sih saya ngeremehin ini cerita, soalnya … serius deh, vampir lagi?? Eiits ternyata saya salah total. Memang di summary-nya menjelaskan bahwa ceritanya tentang Vampir, tapi ternyata beda.

Vampir memang ambil bagian dari cerita ini, tapi Noblesse sendiri jauh dari kisah vampir haus darah yang cari mangsa atau sejenisnya. Noblesse ini sebutan untuk Nobels terkuat. Dan Noblesse tidak selalu Lord begitupula sebaliknya. Jadi cerita dimulai ketika sang Noblesse, Cadis Etrama Di Raizel terbangun setelah tidur panjang lebih dari tahun. Franken yang sejak dulu mencari dimana tuannya telah tidur dikejutkan dengan kedatangan sang master.

A Rai menjalani hidup sebagai murid di sekolah Yeran, sekolah yang dibangun Franken untuk Rai.

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